Frequently Asked Questions


If you have any questions please call us at (308) 882-7510

1.      When are taxes due and delinquent?

·        Taxes for both Real Estate and Personal Property are due – Dec. 31st

·        1st half is delinquent the following – May 1st

·        2nd half is delinquent the following – September 1st

·        14% statutory rate is charged on delinquencies

2.      When are tax notices mailed?

·        They are mailed around late November – December

3.      What should I do if I didn’t receive a tax notice?

·        Call the Treasurer’s office at (308) 882-7510

4.      How much are my taxes?

·        Call the Treasurer’s office at (308) 882-7510

5.      Have my taxes been paid?

·        Call the Treasurer’s office at (308) 882-7510

6.      I need to make an address change.

·        Call the Treasurer’s office at (308) 882-7510

7.      Do you accept credit cards?

·        Yes, we accept Visa, Mastercard & Discover.

8.      What do I do if I have a message on my tax statement that I don’t understand?

·        Call the Treasurer’s office at (308) 882-7510

9.      When can I renew my driver’s license?

·        You may renew your expiring Nebraska license within 90 days (not three months) prior to the expiration date.
If you move to a new address, you should update your Nebraska license within 60 days

10.  What if I lost my driver’s license?

·        If you lost your Nebraska license (and are out of state for an extended period), you can obtain a DUPLICATE
license via the mail. It will not have a photo on it. Upon your return, we can issue you a new license with a photo
for $6.25. Please call (308) 882-7510


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