Marriage License Information

A marriage License can be issued by any Nebraska County Clerk.

In law, marriage is considered a civil contract, to which the consent of the parties capable of contracting is essential. (42-101)

In order to marry in Nebraska, both parties must be a minimum age of seventeen (42-102) and anyone seventeen or eighteen must have parental consent to marry. (42-105) Parental consent forms are available at the County Clerk's office and may be provided by: 

  1. either of the parents, if the parents are living together
  2. the parent having legal custody if the parents are living apart from each other
  3. the surviving parent, if one is deceased
  4. the minor's guardian if both parents deceased or if the guardian has legal and actual custody of the minor

A form of identification is required. The applicant must swear on the application the place, date, and year of their birth. If it shall appear that either party is legally incompetent to enter into such contract or that there is any impediment in the way, the county clerk shall refuse to grant a license. (42-107)

Some of the information required on the form includes:

  1. Full name of bride and groom, birthplace and date of birth
  2. Father's name and birthplace. Mother's full maiden name and birthplace.
  3. If there were previous marriages, we will need to know how those marriages ended and the date the marriage ended.

Effective September 13, 1997, the social security numbers of both the bride and groom are required on the application under Nebraska Statute 43-3340. This requirement was enacted pursuant to federal law and is intended to aid child support enforcement efforts. If a party does not have a social security number they will be required to sign a notarized statement stating that they do not have a social security number. 

Licenses are good for one year from the date of issuance. A Nebraska license is good anywhere in the state of Nebraska.

Marriage license fee is $25.00

Certified copies of marriage license is $9.00



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